Welcome all of you to the website of BrAiNbUdDiEs GaNg.The motive of the website is to spread awareness amongst all about the most rapidly disappearing our daily life need i.e. Electricity.Also,we will be doing here E-Projects to save paper which in turn contributes to saving of trees.If needed we all will take out print outs on reused paper.We are reusing copies or making recycled copies and the BrAiNbUdDiEs GaNg requests all the site viewers to rationalise the use of paper as well as electricity to save our environment because this gang can also be known as the EnViRoNmEnTaL LoVeRs.The projects discussed on this website of BrAiNbUdDiEs are:
1.Towards A Safeā€¦. India
2.Energy Conservation/Energy Club;
3.Maths Aerobics;and
4.World of Scratch/Scratch Animation

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Through this site we also want to spread awareness about Global Warming which is a major issue in today's world for all countries.We are having a "Green Corner" where we give tips how to help reduce Global Warming and also how our small actions also contribute to Global Warming.We are also having a "Knowledge Zone" for the visiters which provides you with some interesting things such as Mindbenders,Fun Facts and also some famous Famous Quotes and Jokes.We have also discussed about the talents of our Gang Members.

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