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  • Friday (18th Dec.'09):

The story that unfolds in 2154 revolves around a paraplegic US marine,Jake who reaches a distant planet,Pandora,where he is given the task of infiltrating the Na'vi society,a race of humanoids,with a,view to persuading them to cooperate in the mining work being carried out by a corporation,that could resolve the Earth's energy problems.But he falls in love with Neytiri,a Na'vi woman and also comes to love the culture of her clan.As human forces start moving in,Jake finds himself fighting to save their world.

  • Friday (25th Dec.'09)

Two friends go on a quest to find a lost buddy.As they go along,another journey begins,their inner journey as they look back at the story of their friend -the non-conformist,Rancho,who touched and changed their lives.It talks about their hostel days -of Rancho's romance with the feisty Pia and his dissonance with an oppressive mentor,Viru Sahastrabudhhe.And then one day,Rancho vanishes.Where is he now?Finally in the midst of beautiful mountains,the friends get the answer they are looking for.It's a laugh riot that talks about an important human pursuit -self-actualization.

Three college friends come by an astronomical amount of Rs.300 crore each according to will,but there is a condition attached to getting this amount.A murder mystery,it shows how greed for money is root cause of all troubles.

  • Friday (1st Jan.'10)

The story revolves around a boy,Raam,who is charged with the murder of his mother,Archana.Raam goes into a state of shock and simply clams up after her death,refusing to talk.He also faces a psychotic disorder.The investigating officer,Indrajeet,is puzzled over such behavior.He consults a psychiatrist NS Negi to determine boy's state of mind.Raam does speak finally,revealing something shocking.

Sonam,a nursing assistant accidentally rams her car into Prakash,sending him flying through the windscreen.Not wanting to spoil her career she,along with her drug-peddling boyfriend,Sid,choose not to get him medical help,leaving him in a serious condition in her garage.Soon the captive and the captor are up against each other in a battle for survival.

Rahul wakes up with a hangover after partying the night before.As his wife,Mitali talks he remembers snatches of what happened the night before and his encounter with a stunning woman,Sophia.He remembers sparks flying between the two of them but nothing more.What's more,Mitali is angry and upset but she wouldn't say why,even as Rahul wonders if she's got a whiff of his encounter with Sophia.As Rahul tries to clear the haze in his mind,two of his friends are going through their own marital blues.

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