GlObAl WaRmInG-A MaJoR CoNcErN

After Terrorism,"Global Warming" is the second major concern today's world.It is due to the rising Carbon Dioxide level in the atmosphere that the polar ice-caps are melting and the sea level is rising.Every day,when the sun's rays reach Earth,a group of gases called greenhouse gases (water vapour,carbon dioxide,methane,nitrous oxide etc.) absorb heat from the sun's rays and make our planet warm enough for us to survive.If the levels of these gases in the atmosphere increase,they will absorb more heat,and make the Earth too hot to live!This overheating of the planet is called Global Warming.Pollution,felling of trees,grazing forests,burning fossil fuels like coal and petrol,increase the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,beyond what is needed.All the countries have come forward for the issue.All the countries have joined hands to cut off their carbon emission.There are many meetings going on for the same.Few weeks back,there was a meeting in Maldives under the sea for spreading awareness about the matter.Few days back also,there was a meeting in the foothills of Mt.Everest for the same.So,the BrAiNbUdDiEs GaNg appeals all of you to cut off your carbon emission.Carbon is emitted by the smoke created by a car or industry,burning of polythene bags,etc..So,it is also necessary to say not to Polythene Bags which the government has banned already.There are also many campaigns going on by many different organizations,one of which is TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute).

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