ToWaRdS A SaFe.... InDiA

Hello!!!all of you.Today we all are being suffering from a very big man-made disaster i.e. TERRORISM.It has hit all the parts of the world.So,not a single person is safe in today's world.Through this we want to spread awareness how we can counter TERRORISM and keep us safe.Under this project,we will be doing a survey on how safe we are in today's world.In the survey form we will be marking us on certainh things such as:
1. How disciplined is an average person of the city?
2. What percentage of people will take you to the nearest medical aid in case you are injured
and are alone?
3. If people see a crime in a public place, how many will volunteer to give evidence against the
4. What percentage of population will insist on taking a bill from a shop even if it means paying
extra amount as tax?
5. How concerned are you about the environment, when you dispose of garbage?
And many more…..For being a part of the project and "downloading" the survey form please click here.Remember it is a pdf file so for downloading Adobe Reader click here.For more details and going to the website of REACHA click here. So,let's join hands to take us together "Towards A Safe…. India".

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